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Lesson Plan: Earth Day

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary

Materials Required: Varies
Activity Time: Varies
Concepts Taught: Earth Day activities

Dear Earth of Mine By Rebecca Kai Dotlich

I'd like to scrub you fresh and clean,
with soap and sponges till you gleam again,
just like you first began, free of tar and old tin cans.
I'd like to see you strong and mended, perfect like
you were intended.
Cobbled new, I'd rescue you, and rinse you clean,
and make you green again.

Earth friendly Music...
Going with the theme of reuse, recycle & reduce come up with ideas to be used in these songs. Sing to the Tune, Mary had a Little Lamb.

Soup cans can be recycled, recycled, recycled.
Soup cans can be recycled,
So put them in the blue bin.

Can't reuse
We can't reuse paper towels, paper towels, paper towels,
We can't reuse paper towels
So use cloth ones instead.

Tune.. Twinkle twinkle Little Star
We use paper every day: this is what we have to say:
________ (students fill in these lines about ways to save paper)
By saving paper, we save trees.

Art ideas

A Marvelous Motor-Car
Create a cool car using juice or milk boxes.

A FotoFish Fun Frame
Save your old styrofoam trays and make cool and colorful picture frames for all your family and friends.

A Scary Spider Puppet
A great Halloween activity for school or just fun. You'll need to save your soda can
and bottle caps for this one.

An Egg-Cellent Eggodile
With a few egg containers and some toilet paper rolls, you'll have a great time making these cool eggodiles!

Letter Perfect Pencil Holder
Recycle toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make this great addition to your office, home, or school desk.

Creative Design with CDs
Maybe your household has gotten marketing and promotional CDs in the mail or from a store. Perhaps you have scratched or unusable CDs. We've got lots of ideas to put those junk disks to work.

13 Ways to Use a Plastic Grocery Bag
A lowly plastic grocery sack may not seem like a versatile tool for the classroom, but don't overlook all the uses for this free and easy-to-find item.

7 Ways to Use a Jelly Jar
A glass jelly jar might seem like a perfectly good place to store nails and such in your garage, but consider some of these other possibilities as well.


Try some of our coloring pages

Have the students make an interlocking set of cards.. make a frown face on the one half and draw an unfriendly act and on the other make a smile face and put a friendly act. Mix up the pieces and have the children match them.. This could be a project and older class does for the younger students too.

Try to make a garden from an avocado seed, sweet potato, and the top of a pineapple.