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Start Your Own Composting System
Learn how to turn food scraps, grass clippings, and leaves into black gold! We also include plans and instructions to build various compost bins, so you can get started today.

Year-Round Composting With Red Wigglers
Learn how to reap the benefits of traditional composting systems indoors, all year long!

How To Conduct A Waste Audit
A waste audit is a formal, structured process used to quantify the amount and types of waste being generated by an organisation. Information from audits will help identify current waste practices and how they can be improved.

Grasscycling: Save the Earth, Your Lawn, and Your Back!
Did you know that the grass clippings from an average lawn account for as much as eight tons of landfill waste per acre, per year? By grasscycling, you can avoid this tremendous waste - not to mention the back pain caused by lifting those bags!

A Recycled Christmas: Reused Gifts Are Better
There are plenty of reasons to buy used for Christmas presents, and only one reason not to: you probably think it looks bad. Here are some reasons why you should buy used gifts and encourage the same from others.

A Recycled Christmas: Re-used Ornaments and Decorations for the Holidays
Here are a few ideas to help you decorate on a budget this year, with an earth-friendly consciousness, as opposed to "Crazy Christmas Consumer Mentality".

A Recycled Christmas: Make Earth Friendly Gift Wrap
I hate seeing those piles of torn wrapping paper heaped under the tree after present-opening time. These papers were barely used and are now ready for the trash, and the landfill. One option is recycling them!

Traveling Light: How to Reduce Your Waste on the Road
This article offers a variety of helpful stategies for reducing your waste when traveling. Learn how to apply the same waste reduction and recycling techniques you employ at home, on the road. In essence, a waste audit on wheels!

Adopt Practices That Reduce Waste Toxicity
Essential in reducing the amount of materials in the solid waste stream, reducing waste toxicity is another important component of source reduction.

Consider Reusable Products
Many products are designed to be used more than once. Learn which products you can reuse!

The Degradable Debate
One of the biggest debates in solid waste has centered on claims that certain products such as some plastic bags, paper products, and other goods are degradable. Are such products helpful in solving the solid waste dilemma? Find out.

Reduce the Amount of Packaging

Learn how to conserve packaging materials, while keeping your shipments safe and secure.

Sell or Donate Goods Instead of Discarding Them
This article considers how the proverbial line, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" can apply to you and your life.

Borrow, Rent, or Share Items Used Infrequently
Many items can be shared or rented instead of purchased, reducing waste and increasing consumer efficiency.

Is it illegal to burn in Indiana?
Get answers to all your questions regarding open burning, what it is and what the laws are. Read before you burn!

Know What To Buy
The first step to managing waste is to accumulate less stuff in the first place. Your shopping can keep your community cleaner, your family healthier, and your budget going farther.

Junk Mail: Unclog Your Mailbox
Junk mail is a hassle. Nobody wants it, yet we each get an estimated 32 pounds worth each year.

Earthday: How far we've come and how far we need to go
In the summer of 1969, Nelson got the idea for a national ?teach-in? about the environment. Planning began for this teach-in, which was dubbed Earth Day and set for April 22, 1970. A call went out. And Americans responded.

Reduce the waste, buy rechargeable batteries
As battery use continues to increase by more than 5 percent a year, the sale of rechargeable batteries is growing twice as fast as the sale of disposables.

Where did we get all this STUFF?
Have you ever asked a young child where milk comes from? Did that child answer, ?The store?? We chuckle at this misunderstanding. However, we might hold some similar misunderstandings ourselves.