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appleTeacher Lesson Plans

Recycle Relay (Pre-School, Science)
This fun and interactive game is excellent for teaching younger kids valuable recycling lessons, without losing their attention.

Water Cycle Project (Middle, Science)
Great for intermediate students who have just completed a unit on the water cycle, this project helps children review the cycle, while encouraging their creativity to emerge.

Ecology-Minded Garbage Plants (Middle, Science)
With this simple project, students learn how new life can emerge from what would otherwise be considered garbage.

Hometown Ecology (Middle, Science)
This project is designed to provide students a general overview of ecology, including basic terminology, with references to ecological processes at work in their own communities.

Making Paper (Pre-School, Science)
Designed with younger children in mind, this project demonstrates how can occur even on the individual level, with household items such as scrap paper.

Earth Day (Elementary, Reading/Writing)
A variety of creative projects for Earth Day are suggested and described, from music to handmade crafts. Something for every child.

Edible Landfill (Elementary, Science)
A project for constructing model, edible landfill from sweets and snack foods items. Designed to be used in conjuction with images/diagrams of actual landfills.

Now you See It, Now You Don't (High School, Science)
Introduce high schoolers to the process of biodegration, using as an example the familiar "peanuts," used in shipping and packaging.

Making Crafts from Recyclables
For more great activities for the classroom, be sure to check out of all of the craft ideas we've assembled in the "Fun" section of this site.