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cdsCreative Design with CDs

Wondering what to do with CDs that you can’t use?

Maybe your household has gotten marketing and promotional CDs in the mail or from a store. Perhaps you have scratched or unusable CDs. What about those promotional games that never really seemed to play or games someone in your family has outgrown? Not to mention the host of CDs from computer programs you no longer use.

We, of course, encourage you to give away or sell usable CDs. But for those others, get creative!

Instead of buying shiny, decorative candle holders at the store. Put a CD shiny side up and center a candle on it. You’ve made your own beautiful candle base.

Instead of buying reflective driveway markers, attach the shiny side of a CD to a small post, dowel, or stake. Place them at the edge of your driveway. You’ll keep visitors off the grass—and folks backing up away from the mailbox.

Using felt, cover one side of the CD. Cut the felt so that it’s the same size and shape as the CD and glue it on. Now, place your new drink coaster felt side down.

Does your house have a computer or media room? Create a clever window valance or wall hanging by suspending CDs with twine or fishing line. String the twine through a hole that you drill in the disc or run it through the existing hole in the middle.

Provide CDs to a local artist or classroom that will use them to create art.

You can also recycle CDs. Search for “Compact Disc Recycling” or “CD Recycling” on the Internet. Or, visit these web sites for details: