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jars stencil7 Ways to Use a Jelly Jar

A glass jelly jar might seem like a perfectly good place to store nails and such in your garage, but consider some of these other possibilities as well:

Thirst Quenchers
Wash them and reuse as drinking glasses. They're the perfect size for glass of juice and it's not so tragic if one breaks.

Go Fishing
Put some dirt in them and take them on your next fishing trip to carry bait. You can see through the glass, so finding the perfect specimen for your hook will be a breeze.

Create a Bouquet
Fill them with freshly picked flowers or use one to water them.

Collection Display
Display a prized marble collection. You can store your collection by a window and let the sun project neat colors on your room.

Desk Organizer
Decorate them with your favorite things and use them to store pens and pencils. Use can use precut stencils to make the decorating easy.

In The Kitchen
Use them them a cookie cutter.

Keep it Fresh
Use them to store leftovers.

And then...
When you run out of jobs for them, recycle them.

Other Resources:

For some really cool decorating ideas, check out Jazzy Jars: Glorious Gift Ideas, by Marie Browning. Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., New York. ISBN 1-4027-0858-0 paperback.