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A Marvelous Motor-Car

You’ll need:

Two clean and dry juice or milk boxes
Some thin, flexible wire
Four matching bottle caps
Modeling clay
A magic marker
Adhesive tape


How to build it:

  1. Draw the front and the windows of your car on one of the empty boxes.
  2. Cut along the lines you’ve drawn. Ask an adult for help, if you need to.
  3. To complete the front of the car, cut out the side of the second box. Then fold it and attach it to the front opening with adhesive tape.
  4. Cut open the front window.
  5. Paint the car with your favorite color. Make two small holes near the bottom of each side for the wires that will hold the wheels together.
  6. Make a hole in the center of each of the four caps. (Ask an adult for help, if you need to.)
  7. Run a piece of wire through a cap, then through two facing holes on the car’s sides. Place another cap on the other end of the wire. Do the same for the other two wheels. Cover the wire ends with little balls of modeling clay.
  8. Step on the gas! Full speed ahead!

Use your imagination: You can use juice boxes or milk container to make all sorts of vehicles. Try making a train with small bottle caps, a bus with medium size caps, or use really big bottle caps to make a tractor!

truck wheels

From Creating By Recycling (Crafts For All Seasons), by Anna Llimos and Laia Sadurni. Blackbirch Press (c) 2000, Blackbirch Press. Reprinted by permission of The Gale Group.