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pen partsLetter Perfect Pencil Holder

You’ll need:

  • A flat, round cheese box or two tops from boxes of oats with labels removed
  • Cut out letters from magazine pages
  • Several toilet paper and paper towel rolls
  • Paints and brushes
  • Glue

pen glueHow to build it:

  1. Cut the toilet paper and paper towel rolls into different sizes.
  2. Glue three different size rolls to the top of the cheese box or oats lids.
  3. If you’re using oats lids, make a few snips in the top piece. This will help it fit over the bottom piece. Paint the inside of the box on color, and the outside of the box with the rolls, another color.
  4. Decorate the holder by gluing on letters you’ve cut out of magazines.
  5. You can also decorate with designs made out of colored thread or string.
  6. Now place it on your desk, fill it up with supplies, and get down to work!
 pen fin Use your imagination: You can decorate your holder with almost anything-cut out pictures of animals or people from magazines, cut up old photos; or use stickers or glitter glue for another cool look! 

From Creating By Recycling (Crafts For All Seasons), by Anna Llimos and Laia Sadurni. Blackbirch Press (c) 2000, Blackbirch Press. Reprinted by permission of The Gale Group.