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mailJunk Mail: Unclog Your Mailbox

Junk mail is a hassle. Nobody wants it, yet an estimated 4.3 million tons of unsolicited, unwanted mail is discarded nationally — a price we all end up paying in patience and pollution. Right now only about one out of five pieces is recycled. It's time to rethink junk mail.

Know What:
Bottom line: unwanted mail wastes money and natural resources. While recycling is a better option than throwing out junk mail, reducing unwanted mail is really the way to go. Dunk the junk — you'll save time, trees and water, and reduce garbage in Indiana.

Know How:
It's easy to get off mailing lists and reduce unwanted mail altogether.

To begin reducing junk mail at home, consult the resources of, a service of the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance. This web site provides step-by-step guidance on how to easily get off mailing lists.

The most important thing you can do to keep your name off junk mail lists is to control your exposure. Think about how often you give out your contact information on product warranties, professional associations, publication subscriptions, contest sweepstakes, writing checks or shopping online. Remember to consistently add a privacy statement to anything you put your name on asking not to be added to their mailing list.

Know More:

  • Take me off you list: Contact the Mail Preference Service of the Direct Mail Marketing Association (DMA) and tell them to reduce the amount of national non-profit and commercial mailings sent to you. The DMA is a trade association serving the direct marketing field.
  • Junk Mail, Telemarketing and Privacy: Many people are concerned about junk mail because of privacy issues. Visit the online Privacy Rights Clearinghouse for multilingual fact sheets on junk mail and telemarketing privacy issues. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is a nonprofit consumer education, research, and advocacy program