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Address: 2857 West State Road 2 Suite E LaPorte, IN 46350
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the beast

Our Compost Facility in La Porte

We Feed the Beast

Compost is a necessary ingredient for full, lush flower gardens and rich productive vegetable gardens. Both compost and mulch are by-products of things that for many years were wasted in LaPorte County. Not so any longer.

The District’s Compost Facility located in La Porte produces “gold” from what would otherwise be waste. We’d like to share a brief overview of how we do that.

Our grinder, known by its formal name, The Beast, is so named because of its ability to chew up and pulverize a tree limb, which can be 30 inches in diameter though it is not called upon to do this often. The Beast is primarily used to mulch wood scraps (from untreated lumber). The Beast converts wood materials into useable mulch at a rate of 70 yards per hour.

Our Trommel screens and separates oversize particles (utilizing the same premise as a kitchen sifter) and converts them into compost.

The basic components of compost are:
◦    Leaves, wood, and yard waste
    ◦    Food scraps (vegetative)

The high nitrogen in the food scraps and grass clippings helps to break down the leaves and wood which are high in carbon. This becomes the perfect solution in reducing the volume of material that would have been discarded.

The main product derived from trommelling is high grade compost.

Our Process:
The yard waste, wood, and food scraps are mixed together in correct proportions and then placed in wind rows. The moisture and temperature are tested regularly which indicates when the compost needs to be turned and watered. The wind rows stay on the ground for approximately 6 months. To keep track of the decomposition and maintain our high quality standards, the wind rows are numbered with the most aged row first.

The compost is put into piles which are then placed into the Trommel Separation Screen. The long conveyer belt on the back removes all over sized materials; the compost is filtered through a screen, and it is then pushed out the side on to the smaller conveyer belt. All compost is tested for CO2 and NH3 before leaving the site.

EVERYTHING brought into the site is recycled.

Compost/Mulch Availability
A trip to our compost site is required for mulch/compost pickup. We process your billing information at the site and then invoice our customers (no advance payment arrangements need to be made). Click here for current pricing.

We will, of course, load your truck for you.

The hard work required to keep this site running properly and efficiently is done by:

• Vincent Sherman - Project Coordinator, Solid Waste District of LaPorte County

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