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duracell recharge1Batteries by the billion

Reduce the waste, buy rechargeables! 

Annually, Americans use more than 3 billion single-use and rechargeable household batteries to power toys, games, appliances, phones, remote controls, cameras, and more. At present, about 2 billion of these are disposed each year. However, as battery use continues to increase by more than 5 percent a year, the sale of rechargeable batteries is growing twice as fast as the sale of disposables.

After rechargeable batteries run down, they can be recharged with a charger unit. The charger plugs into a regular wall outlet. After as little as an hour or as much as a day, the batteries are fully recharged and ready to use again. Alkaline rechargeables can be recharged and reused 50 or more times. Some other rechargeables will accept hundreds of charges—and have hundreds of reuses.

Whether you need batteries for hand-held games, toys, remote controls, phones, or cameras, buy rechargeables. Over time, you’ll save money, as well as trips to the store, by recharging your batteries at home. You’ll also have a lot fewer batteries to discard! One rechargeable can replace 50 to 300 disposable batteries!

When your rechargeable batteries are “spent” and will no longer accept a charge, be sure to dispose of them properly. Spent rechargeables, button batteries, and other types of household batteries can be recycled at our mobile Household Hazardous Waste collections during the outdoor season (spring through fall) or at any of these locations year-round:

  • Amoco J-Mart, 1338 State Road 2, LaPorte
  • Amoco J-Mart, 10300 US Highway 30, Wanatah
  • Amoco J-Mart, 2913 South US Highway 421, Westville
  • City of LaPorte Recycling, 102 “L” Street, LaPorte
  • LaPorte Herald-Argus, 701 State Street, LaPorte
  • Kabelins Hardware, 512 Andrew Ave., LaPorte
  • Kabelins Hardware, 432 St. John Road, Michigan City
  • Kingsford Heights (Nutrician Center) Community Building, 515 Wayland Road, Kingsford Heights
  • Markey Enterprises, 304 “J” Street, LaPorte
  • Michigan City Sanitary District, 3700 East Michigan Blvd., Michigan City
  • Pepsi, 600 West US Highway 20, Michigan City
  • Radio Shack, 311 “J” Street, LaPorte
  • Sears (Electronics Dept.), 3901 S. Franklin St., Michigan City
  • Solid Waste District Office, 2354 N. US 35, LaPorte
  • Thimbleberry & Co., 247 Johnson Rd., LaPorte

Questions? Call the Lake Michigan Districts Household Hazardous Waste Program at 1-800-483-7700 or 219-326-1425.