Phone: 1-800-483-7700
Address: 2857 West State Road 2 Suite E LaPorte, IN 46350
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Recycling Stand Program

The District has 35 recycling stands and loans them out according to availability for dates requested.

The guidelines for the stands are:

    ◦    You are responsible for pickup and return
    ◦    You must recycle what you collect
    ◦    The district requires a minimum 24 hour notice for pickup
    ◦    Contact name and number must be registered.

Drop off Locations for the recycling collected are:

    ◦    La Porte Highway Barn – Hanna/Highway 30 & 400 W.
    ◦    Marquette Mall Parking Lot – Behind Sears

Plastic bags are provided with the stands and step-by-step directions for attaching the bags to the stand are printed out on a brochure given when the stands are picked up. The pickup date, the return date, the event and name of contact person with phone number and the number of stands taken will be recorded at the time of pickup.