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Address: 2857 West State Road 2 Suite E LaPorte, IN 46350
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Homewood013Diversified Recycling Tour

  We still have the doubters!!!! They think the recycling is mixed with the garbage and goes straight to a landfill, and that the recycling materials are NOT recycled.

  We are failing at our job if we don’t continually try to educate the public on their recycling. Clay Turner, Executive Director and Tom Larson, Citizen’s Advisory President of the Solid Waste District were among a group of 12 with Northern Indiana Recycling Initiative (NIRI) who recently took a tour at Diversified Recycling in Homewood, Illinois. It was a day of discovery for many as they watched the process of picking and sorting through the truck loads of recycling that travel from our curbside every other week to this facility.


  Diversified Recycling takes in about approximately 600 tons per day. The total sent the month of June from La Porte alone was 753.2 tons. The sorting, bailing and stacking prior to final shipping are all part of daily operations.

  The workers continually pick through paper, cardboard, magazines, cereal boxes, and plastics and place on conveyors to later bale for shipment. Glass is filtered through a screening process and shipped to a recycler that uses an optical eye to sort various colors of glass that will be processed. An eddy current is put on aluminum cans, and a magnet is used to separate the metal cans.


  The end product is huge bales of crushed cans, cardboard and plastic. It is then shipped via truck or rail to its final recycling destination.

  We are providing a video so that we can prove to the doubters that our curbside recycling is really being recycled! See for yourself the amazing process that takes place.